About Me

About Me


Derval Ingleton


After many years in a high-stress business environment that does nothing for your health, I decided to take my life in a different direction.


My first exposure to reflexology was with a therapist who offered me reflexology instead of a massage.  I found that the reflexology was powerful and deeply relaxing and that it helped me to feel more myself. It wasn’t long before I was would choose reflexology over massage.

I received my initial reflexology qualification from the International Institute of Reflexologists over two years with what is now referred to as ‘level 5’ qualification (the highest reflexology qualification). This trained me to work with clients from all walks of life with no exceptions – from IVF and pregnancy to cancer and palliative care.

I went on to study Tony Porter’s Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART), Tony Porter has been active in reflexology since the early 1970s, his technique is an ‘evolvement’ of the original reflexology concept which I have found to have a more profound effect.


What I enjoy most about my practice is working with clients to help them to take responsibility for their own health and well being. It is a pleasure to see my clients thrive as they learn to rebalance and to enjoy improving health.

I work as a volunteer reflexologist at the local hospice once a week which I love, it is an opportunity to help some amazing people to live better with chronic illness and I am always facinated to witness the difference that reflexology can make to their health and vitality.

I am originally from Ireland, I lived for 11 years in the Netherlands and returned to Tunbridge Wells in the summer of 2017.


I decided to train as a Progressive Counsellor as I was aware that it was a powerful form of talk therapy. I realised that many of my clients were coming to me to me not only for reflexology but to talk and I wanted to learn to work with them in a professional and appropriate way. I am a developing Progressive Counsellor, having finished a three year Diploma with SRMHC in the UK.

Please note I am not currently working as a counsellor. I am happy to refer to other qualified counsellors if requested.

What my clients say

Derval has such a wide range of knowledge. Her sage advice which will help anyone get back on the right track to health. She’s also excellent at reflexology! She’s a very firm grip and can get to the acupuncture points easily.

The way your health improves is just bizarre. She can focus on areas that are causing you pain or aren’t working well and she will work on that area, until she feels satisfied that there is improvement. Her treatment has helped me in reducing my stress-related headaches/migraines, monthly pains and digestive issues. Her shared food knowledge has encouraged me to try to eat and drink much more healthily, as well as breaking bad habits. I’d highly recommend Derval.


I have been going to Derval for Reflexology for several years. She is not only a very capable and compassionate person but she has healing hands. She tries to help where there is pain or blockage. I always feel energized and relaxed after her treatment and sleep well that night. She knows a lot about healing. She has helped me a lot. I highly recommend her.


Your sessions were very good and helped me relax a lot. It also helped my monthly pains go away for good just after 3 sessions.


I met Derval when I was 9 months pregnant and in desperate need of some physical and mental relaxation. My sessions with Derval were exactly what I needed: her reflexology treatment helped to relax my entire body, take the pain out of my feet, and offered a lovely sanctuary where I was able to block out the rest of the world for an hour and bring my focus inward. I look forward to returning to Derval as a new mom. I highly recommend Derval to all my friends!