Cancer, chemotherapy and reflexology

Cancer ChemotherapyThe Guardian newspaper recently featured an article written by a trainee oncologist who was diagnosed with breast cancer while on maternity leave.  She explains why, for her,  it has been a lesson in patience, humility and gratitude…  There are lessons here for all of us who know someone going through treatment for cancer.

As the doctor prescribing the treatment I always felt my role was the most crucial. For the patient, however, it’s the healthcare assistant who smiles when you walk in and gets you seen on time; the volunteer who brings you a cup of tea; the complementary therapist who offers reflexology and a chat during treatment

The read the full article click here

The reflexology part of the article jumps out at me, we know that reflexology can help patients to deal with the side effects of chemo therapy including anxiety, nausea, vomiting and fatigue and there is research to back this up.

One study found that reflexology should be considered in combination with traditional medical treatments and executed by an expert, qualified person to help cancer patients receiving chemotherapy feel better and also cope better with their disease.  To read more about this research click here

Another study investigated the effects of foot reflexology on nausea, vomiting and fatigue of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and was found to reflexology decreased the experience, development, distress of nausea, vomiting, and retching as well as fatigue.  To review an extract of the study click here.

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) is a sequence of reflexology movements, the focus is to work the reflexes that correspond to the lymphatic system.  It is a wonderful treatment for anyone living with lymphoedema.  Research found that there was a significant reduction in the volume of the affected arm was identified at follow-up compared to baseline. This reduction in volume appeared to be maintained for more than six months. Participant concerns were significantly reduced and their wellbeing significantly increased. No serious adverse effects were reported.  To review the extract of the research click here the same research is explained in this article Breast cancer patients benefit from reflexology

Reflexology really is more than a foot massage. It is a non invasive, rebalancing therapy and offers those who need it some comfort and balance before, during and after the treatment for cancer.

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