Reflexology Contraindications

  • Reflexology – applied in the proper manner – is a wonderfully energising, non-invasive and relaxing therapy. There are very few true contraindications.
  • Reflexology is certainly safe during pregnancy, illness including cancer and research indicates it may be beneficial during chemotherapy.
  • There are many myths as to when reflexology can and cannot be practised. Some reflexologists do not feel that their training qualifies them to work with some clients. It is good to know your limits.  Tony Porter wrote a wonderful blog about it here.
  • I am very proud that I trained with some of the best. The list of contraindications are limited to the following:

Blood clot or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) “Thrombosis” – Anyone with symptoms of a DVT or blood clot will be referred immediately to their doctor. Reflexology boosts circulation and that boost in circulation could cause that clot to move and risk further injury. Further reading here.

Pregnancy – Reflexology is completely safe at all times during pregnancy. Whether you choose to have it or not is your choice.

Many of my clients who have had regular reflexology in the preconception phase will choose to continue throughout pregnancy including the first 3 months. Others contact me at about 20 weeks and continue throughout their pregnancy and in the post-natal phase.

It is a fact that the incidence of miscarriage in the first 3 months of any pregnancy is higher and some reflexology practitioners choose not to treat during this time to avoid being associated with a less than happy outcome.

The acupuncture point known as “spleen 6” is contraindicated until late pregnancy. It is thought to “tone” the uterus and therefore not recommended until late pregnancy. At all other times it is perfectly safe to work this point, further reading here.

During recovery from serious illness or with chronic illnesses – for example people living with chronic fatigue, as well as those undergoing chemotherapy – may benefit from shorter but more frequent treatments.

Reflexology is more than a foot massage. Massage involves manipulation of soft tissue and muscle, reflexology stimulates the nerve pathways

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