We had a surprise announcement last week that reflexology and massage can recommence from this week 13th July! I’m awaiting delivery of a few extra PPE, so I am delaying my return by a week until the week beginning 20th July.  When possible I will be using washable rather than disposable PPE and I have made arrangements to take card payments.
I will be offering appointments at Hawkhurst Osteopaths rooms from and including Wednesday July 22nd, in the short term I will only offer mobile visits in exceptional circumstances with a maximum of one per day.    I will be following the covid-19 precautions that the osteopaths have implemented and have been following already for some time now.

I will…

  • Check you are in good health before you arrive for treatment.
  • Wash my hands or use hand sanitiser before treatment.
  • Ventilate the room during treatment.
  • Follow guidelines on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), I will be wearing a visor and changing my tunic/top/apron between treatments.
  • Leave at least a half hour between treatments to ventilate and disinfect non-porous materials, e.g. massage couch and equipment.
  • Replace for washing any porous materials e.g. pillowcases, sheets and towels between every treatment.
  • Replace couch roll and other disposable materials.Wear durable, disposable gloves when cleaning the premises.
  • Maintain social distancing before and after the treatment.

You will be asked to…

Prior to your treatment:

  • Complete a short COVID-19 consultation form.
  • Contact your me and re-schedule if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, or if any person in your household is self-isolating.

At your treatment:

  • Bring a bottle of water for your refreshment.
  • Arrive at the agreed time (don’t arrive early), I can call you on your mobile when we are ready if you prefer.
  • Ensure social distancing before and after the treatment.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser upon arrival.
  • Wear a mask when entering the clinic, home made is fine, if you do not have a mask I can provide one.
  • Pay by card or other cashless method, where possible.

Please do not come to the practice for treatment if: 

  • In the last 14 days you have (or feel you are now developing) a raised temperature and/or respiratory symptoms (continuous dry cough/shortness of breath) even if these symptoms are mild, or if you have been in contact with anyone with these symptoms.

  • You have travelled to or returned from abroad within the last 14 days (even if you have no symptoms), or been in contact with someone who has.

  • You are living with someone who is self-isolating either because they have the above symptoms themselves, or because they have been in contact with someone else who has or is suspected of having symptoms of Covid-19.

Do not worry about cancelling appointments, even at very short notice, even if on the day you just feel insecure about coming. We would rather everyone was safe, and will not be applying late cancellation charges during this difficult time!

For further information, this link takes you to the section of the NHS website which has advice on staying at home due to Coronavirus.