Simple Reflexology Foot Map

Reflexes of the foot, plantar view.

A simple way to to conceptualise what parts of the foot correspond to reflexes in the body is to use a reflexology foot map.

Generally speaking anything on the right hand side of the body is reflected in the right foot. For example the liver is found in the right side of the body just under the rib cage and the reflex corresponding to the liver is found on the right foot lateral side just under the solar plexus line.

The left hand side of the body is reflected in the left foot. Anything in the centre of the body is reflected in both feet. For example the spine runs through the middle of the body and the spinal reflexes runs along the medial side of both feet from tip to bottom.

Reflexes of the foot, dorsal view.

There are different schools of reflexology so all reflexology foot maps vary to some extent (and of course copyright laws probably are also a factor) but the principle remains the same.

Reflexology is more than a foot massage. Massage involves manipulation of soft tissue and muscle, reflexology stimulates the nerve pathways

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