What to Expect

A typical clinical reflexology treatment with me takes about an hour from start to finish.  It commences with a catchup about your health and well-being followed by clinical reflexology.

I offer a few different reflexology treatments, we can tweak the treatment to suit your own individual circumstances and preferences.  Original Ingham Method® reflexology, Tony Porter’s ART® (Advanced Reflexology Techniques) as well as Sally Kay’s RLD® (reflexology Lymphatic Drainage). 

Having a range of different techniques, literally at my fingertips, helps to bring about a more profound and often effective reflexology experience.

 My clients agree that clinical reflexology with me is a different experience.

You should expect to leave your reflexology session more relaxed, I advise staying hydrated after a reflexology treatment and to rest or sleep afterwards if you feel your need it.

  • In the first session, we will fill out a questionnaire.  This is an opportunity to discuss your health and lifestyle choices, your needs and expectations as well as reflexology in general terms. This will all help to give a fuller picture about you as a person – not just as a set of symptoms. Everything we discuss is confidential.
  • I start every reflexology treatment with a gentle foot wash as I find it helps clients to relax and reduces the tickle factor.
  • Where possible I use natural organic creams and oils. It is a good idea to wear cotton socks so that you can get the full benefit of these wonderful creams soaking into the feet and legs (and to prevent you slipping about in your shoes!).
  • The reaction to reflexology and in particular the first reflexology session varies from one person to another. I encourage all clients to drink plenty of water after a reflexology session, unless they are on limited fluids. Always better to sip constantly for the rest of the day rather than a large drink in one go.
  • Some people feel cold immediately afterwards, while others feel deep relaxation or sometimes an overwhelming need to sleep. I suggest that new clients keep the agenda free, or at least not too busy, after your first session.
  • It can take a few sessions for the body to get used to reflexology. I have found that clients experience more benefits when they have their first three sessions close together – within a week for example then schedule sessions on a regular basis. This can be weekly or monthly, depending on the client’s needs.
  • I will work the entire foot and lower leg so please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that allows access to below the knee.

Reflexology is more than a foot massage. Massage involves manipulation of soft tissue and muscle. Reflexology stimulates the nerve pathways.

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I work from the very lovely treatment rooms at Flow Tunbridge Wells on Woodbury Park Road and at Groombridge Osteopathy practice (right between the village post office and the bakery).

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